book of the (few) month(s)

So I know I planned to do a book of the month type deal on here. But that was after January when I read tons of books. And then in the following months my reading pace slowed as I discovered art and found myself trying to write up a thesis.

But now I think I’ve read enough books that I can pick my next favourite. And honestly, it is very (very) easy. I enjoyed The Night Circus, and Neverwhere was fascinating (in both book and radio form), but the winner is…





…i don’t own a copy of the book and didn’t take a picture but i wanted you to scroll down…



















How to Make Gravy by Paul Kelly.

It is a huge non-fiction collection of lyrics and anecdotes and I loved it. It took up all my free time for three days. Here are some things I learned about: Australian history, modern Australian music, Aboriginal cultures, Italian art, and Catholicism. The stories snuck into my thoughts and have been popping up regularly ever since. Paul Kelly is one of my favourite musicians/songwriters and the book felt like a monstrous extension of that. The point is that the guy knows how to tell stories and now I know he can do it in prose form too.

The above song is one of my favourites and the title song of the book. Other songs I highly recommend are: Careless, Dumb Things and From St Kilda to Kings Cross. 



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